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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Confirmed: Release Date & Details

The third season of one of the top-grossing animé is set to make a comeback this winter, the official source’s confirmed. Also, Madhouse will be taking over as the producer of the animé series. Okay, you may wanna stop now, if you’re allergic to spoilers.
Such a relief, finally get to open up. Tbh, personally speaking, Tokyo Ghoul left me in a pool of tears. I was amazed. I’ve watched it 3 times, and the more I watch it, the more I fall into it and damn, I can’t stop thinking about it. I consider it, the first mega animé of the new generation. The 3 mega animé of the last generation were Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Bleach. I’d also included Pokemon, but I think I should limit it to 3.
As for spoilers, Kaneki, would become a complete Kakuja and, will face a new villain in the series. This season is said to roll around Touka’s background, as she kinda missed out in √A. The show will continue to focus on her college degree. Even when we all know she’ll get into Kamii, what’s the point of showing everything? Now, for the badass part, this season is said to have the darkest plot ever written. Although, there won’t be anymore emphasis on the gory scenes. Damn, now they have a problem in nerds with glasses sitting on a white plywood desk killing animated people? FFS.
Sources also said that Touka’s lament and her personal distress over choosing Kamii University, To-Oh University, and Duke University. Aside from Touka, this season is also said to focus on Haise Sasaki. He is described as a guy with black and white hair, like the previous version of Kaneki.
Sasaki is actually Kaneki Ken as a Ghoul Investigator. Kaneki Ken assumed to have lost his memory, Arima took him in charge of the task albeit he still has the body of a ghoul.

The same source stated there would be a possible rematch between Kaneki Ken and his mentor, Arima, which is presumed to be the climax of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3.

Well, now we all got something to look up for this winter.