Pokemon Trainer is Getting CLUSTER Rare Pokemon 5-10 times a Day

It’s like a dream to have lots of Pokemon spawns at your home and many trainers would do anything to accomplish this thing!

Reddit user, ScuBa_Steve132, reported that he’s getting Cluster Spawns for good Pokemon and sometime Pidgey, Rattata, etc. at his Apartment. He lives in Columbia, Missouri. Here is a photo that shows the spawns.

As you can see there is 10 Pokemon Spawn at his place and this happens 5-10 times a day, the Reddit user also mentioned that there are many rare Pokemon Spawns and many time Pidgey, Rattata, etc.

You must be thinking how is this even possible? no Incense and yet these many spawns at once? Well, I have a theory for this! I mentioned earlier that he’s living in an apartment and it is possible that in the apartment, there are many Pokemon Go players and they generate a lot of cell traffic, so apartments are like Pokemon Hotspot.

The user reported that he’s getting spawns like that 5-10 times a day but if he checks back more frequently, it is possible that the Cluster Spawns happens every hour and he will see the same number of spawns every hour. Pretty lucky huh? I have a theory that I’ll be posting next week after some research in that I’ll be explaining how to get increase the spawns at your home or get cluster spawns at your home, stay tuned!!