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How to Hide Root on Pokemon Go and Get v0.37.0 Update!

Tons of users are desperate to play Pokemon-GO and now that rooted devices are not accepted I’ve decided to figure out how I can help you guys out.

Before proceeding, make sure that you have custom recovery like CWM or TWRP installed on your phone as this process requires you to reset your phone.

Also note that I’ve noticed this method does not work for some users, however, there are alternate apps that can bypass root for your phone like ” Hide My Root” or “Hide Root” if this doesn’t work for you – I’m only trying to help.


  • Unlock your phone and download Magisk on your phone, you will need all 3 files below

Step 2

  • Now turn off your phone. Boot into recovery mode by pressing, Home+Power+Volume Up button for few seconds. Release once you are into recovery mode.
  • If your phone doesn’t have physical home button then leave it; use the other two buttons, if this doesn’t work then google instructions for your phone on how to reach recovery mode.

Step 3

Note: Now when you are in recovery mode. Must do a full backup, so in case if anything goes wrong, you are able to restore.

  • After that, scroll down to using the volume buttons, and select the install zip option.
  • Now navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the above files.

Step 4

  • Select , install it and confirm.
  • When it has flashed that it finished,  select Magisk file, Install it and confirm.

Step 5

  • Now go back to main recovery mode menu and select reboot system now.

Step 6

  • When your device is on, Navigate to the download folder where you have the 3 files.
  • Now Install the Magisk Manager apk file.

Step 7

  • Run Magisk from apps drawer. You will see an option called Root Toggle.
  • Turn it off and the root will be disabled from your phone.
  • Launch Pokemon go, sign in and enjoy playing.