Pokemon GO: 0.37.0 Update added km requirements for Ditto and Legendaries

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As we all know, Pokemon GO’s new update came in red hot with some great news!

Redditors have found Ditto and all other Legendary Pokemon from the original 151 Pokemon in the game source, which was recently added to our Buddy Pokemon Update. Before this, data miners and analysts have had a theory that Mew and Mewtwo would be “Event-based”. However, considering none of us can find Mewtwo or Mew in the list of current eggs, this may prove that exact theory. Though, having them added to the buddy system confirms each Pokemon will be usable for battle!

Below are the km requirements for Ditto and Legendaries.

Ditto: km_buddy_distance: 3
Articuno: km_buddy_distance: 5
Zapdos: km_buddy_distance: 5
Moltres: km_buddy_distance: 5
Mewtwo: km_buddy_distance: 5
Mew: km_buddy_distance: 5


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