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Pokemon GO: DO NOT Put Your Pokemon In Gyms

Right now among the Pokemon Go Community, there is a huge ban override going on targeting those who put their Pokemon in gyms. All it takes right now is 3 reports at your Poke Gym and your Pokemon Go Trainer account can be banned. With this being said, I strongly advise you not to leave any Pokemon at a gym unless they are weak and you’re looking to train desperately.

The recent bans are coming from a flaw in Niantic’s ban system where the system is banning from a variety of reports. Meaning that, you have to be reported by 3 separate people to be banned.

Until this is resolved and Niantic further provides us a statement, I cannot advise you to put Pokemon in your gyms for the sake of not being banned. Those who are traveling are also randomly receiving a ban from the API. The system is all messed up right now and you guys should be alert about this. DO NOT Put Your Pokemon In Gyms until a statement is issued by Niantic saying otherwise.

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