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How Much Data Does Pokemon Go Actually Use?

While issues with Pokemon GO draining smartphone battery have been well-publicized, how much the app gobbles up has yet to be explored. Tech writer Antonio Villas-Boas carried out some tests to see exactly how much data Pokemon GO uses. He shared it with Business Insider which is pretty damn interesting so I had to bring this story to you.

Villas-Boas looked at how much the app used over eight hours, most of that time he said he was tied down to his desk but he did walk around the business a bit as well just to test and see exactly how much data this bugger uses.

After the eight hours, he found that the app had only used 25 megabytes – just over 3 megabytes per hour, websites like Facebook or Snapchat use about 90 megabytes translating that to about 5-6 megabytes in an hour depending on how many friends you have.


“Pokemon GO’s low data usage is a great thing considering the game is meant to be played outside where you’re less likely to connect to a WiFi connection.“ Said Villas-Boas on Business Insider

He believes that this is because the app isn’t downloading a bunch of cache and cookies from webpages you view such as news websites on how to have auto-playing videos and photographs that would be cached. We do also have to consider this guy didn’t go around walking to Poke Stops or Gyms so the data could be off by about 5 megabytes.

Instead, Pokemon GO relies on GPS, which is horrible for your battery however they re-released the battery saver feature for IOS, and because it uses GPS only it comes with a low data cost.

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