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Start Saving Your Candies, These 11 Pokemon Are Getting An Evolution When Gen 2 Is Released

Pokemon Go Buddy System

Today we’ll be talking about Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon Evolution. I’ll be listing 12 Pokemon that are currently unable to evolve but once the GEN 2 update is released for Pokemon Go, we will be able to evolve them!

  • Blissey
    Expected Candy Requirement: 100 Chansey Candy
  • Kingdra
    Expected Candy Requirement: 100 Horsea Candy
  • Scizor
    Expected Candy Requirement: 50 Scyther Candy
  • Espeon
    Expected Candy Requirement: 25 Eevee Candy
  • Umbreon
    Expected Candy Requirement: 25 Eevee Candy
  • Porygon2
    Expected Candy Requirement: 25 Porygon Candy
  • Golbat to Crobat
    Expected Candy Requirement: 100 Zubat Candy
  • Gloom to Bellossom
    Expected Candy Requirement: 100 Oddish candy + Sun Stone
  • Poliwhirl to Politoed
    Expected Candy Requirement: 100 Poliwag candy + King Rock
  • Onix to Steelix
    Expected Candy Requirement: 50 Onix candy + Metal Coat
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