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Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 to 57 Titles Revealed Super Saiyan Rose

Dragon Ball Super is always surprising fans with the best plot twists ever. With the ongoing Zamasu arc, there have been various changes in the story already and as if these weren’t enough, it seems the creator will be introducing another transformation in Dragon Ball Super.

After Future Trunks getting the much-deserved powerup, it’s time we get introduced to a new Super Saiyan transformation, as well as the Omnipotent Zeno’s true powers. In this post, we will be discussing the upcoming episode’ titles and synopsis for Dragon Ball Super anime. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 is titled as “I want to see Son Goku. A request from Zeno Sama.” The 55th episode of Dragon Ball Super anime will air on August 14. In this episode, we will finally see Zeno Sama appearing forth Beerus and Whis to tell his wish of meeting Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 is titled as, “The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose appears!!”. The 56th episode of Dragon Ball Super anime will air on August 21. In this episode, we finally see the mention of Super Saiyan Rose. Is it going to be a red or a pink-haired Saiyan? Well, as it may seem, the creator is definitely up to something again. What exactly is this transformation and how strong is it? We will surely get an answer to this in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

The 57th episode of Dragon Ball Super is titled as, “Goku: Super Saiyan Blue”. The anime, Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 will air on 28th August. This episode will finally show us Goku using his Super Saiyan God form against Black. This somehow means that Goku wasn’t able to stand up to Black’s Super Saiyan Rose form. This episode will most probably focus on the continuation of this fight, Goku vs Black!.