Naruto Shippuuden 462 review

The first chibaku tensei


Even though it was short, this episode was super epic, witnessing a battle at the level of the sage of six paths, one that even overwhelms Kaguya herself. well we cant really call them fillers but whatever they are they have ended before you even know it, as they  say, good moments are shortlived

well for this episode it started as hagoromo has mastered Senjutsu as he demonstrated his very complex chidori like jutsu without even weaving hand signs and then was heading home1Upon arriving  he found out that Kaguya was manipulating Hamura with her powers, he then had a short argument to wich hamura intervened and attacked Hagoromo.2Hagoromo was put omly on the defensive as he couldn’t kill his brother, Kaguya used this fact in oder to play dirty and win this fight but it was not enough to stop Hagoromo as he killed Hamura with the hopes of reviving him with the sage powers he got from gammamaru3Here we see the basic and fundamental requirements for awakening Mangekyo in action as the act of killing his brother led to him awakening Mangekyo sharingaan together with the 3 rinnengans  4Kishi sensei was stingy here, he didn’t want to show us what Hagoromo’s Mangekyo looked like, this just raised more and more questions, like how the heck did he Know that its called Mangekyo and also what are the jutsus that le to him unlocking Susanoo.

like out of the blue, even without practice he just unleashes the perfect and stabilised Susanoo, well I gues there wasn’t enough time to accommodate all these factors and since we have seen much of the processes in the anime, the writer decided to just skip them

With Hamura out kaguya’s control the Juubi materialised in kaguya’s defence and Hagoromo deployed his Susanoo to confront it, the battle has been said to have lasted for months and the land was heavily destroyed5The very first Chibaku tensei to  be ever performed, this jutsu is very scary by itself as one watches how it goes and it is the result of the two cooperating 6The jutsu complete signal, this just makes it more awesome, like a heavenly figure coming to deliver justice upon the sinners, this budha   like figure as a result of the yin yang seal, catastrophic planetary devastation as they called it7After Kagya’s defeat the sage of six paths divided the juubi into the bijuus just as the story tells 8Hamura decided to go and reside on the moon to keep watch on the seal holding kaguya and then here he parts ways with his brother 9 just decided to post this cool pic of the Uchiha clan, its really cool, the guy on the right reminds me of Itachi 10With all that The episode was summed up together with Zetsu explaining his scheme to revive kaguya one that went on and on for ages. with all this revealed I still wonder why Sasuke would not be convinced as to stop with his revolution idea.

11Well stay tuned for next episode as we return back to Kaguya’s fight with team 7 and as for me that’s all for today, see you again with more good news 🙂

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