10 Most Evil And Badass Anime Villains


2. Madara (Naruto) 


Madara completely stole the show from Naruto. They should of just changed the name to Madara Shippuden. He managed to fight and defeat all 5 Kage at once and win without even going all out. And on top of his power he is also very likable somehow. I love his cocky attitude because he can back it up 10 fold.

Johan Liebert (Monster)

giphy (4)

Johan makes the top spot due to the simple fact that, he’s real. Now I know HE does not exist, but he is based directly off the behavior of serial killers, making him eerily realistic. He’s a charismatic, intelligent sociopath, literally the three main ingredient in most serial killers. And yes, getting people to kill others for you is still murder.

Well there’s all the guys we love to hate! Who is your favorite anime villain? let me know in the comments and maybe the’ll make the next list! I’ll see you guys next time peace out.

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