Dragon Ball Super: The Future Of Gohan! Mystic Super Saiyan?


Dragon Ball Super: The Future Of Gohan! Super Saiyan White?

In this article I’ll share my thoughts and predictions on how Dragon Ball Super might use Gohan. Based on the information we got till now.


So, ever since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, that is the direct continuation of Dragon Ball Z. We the fans have been expecting to see Gohan getting re-introduced as badass character again. In between Dragon Ball Z and its canon continuation we had a non-canon and a very unsuccessful and fan made-tier series Dragon Ball GT. Though GT has nothing to do with the official story they did use the well established Dragon Ball characters. And in the entire series Gohan had been completely irrelevant. So that further increased our thirst to see him back in action.


However, till now we have already seen 3 arcs or 41 episodes of Dragon Ball Super and we are yet to see any mentionable development of Gohan. He was a bystander when Beerus appeared on earth and later got screwed by Frieza. Also he didn’t participate in the