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Dragon Ball Super: Next Four Titles Revealed And 2 New Characters

These are the episode schedule and titles for all the episodes scheduled to come out in May for Dragon Ball Super Anime.

*SPOILER ALERT* Read at your own risk!
Episode 42 – “Finally, the confrontation with Monoka!?”
Releasing on May 8th
Episode 43 – “Having a hard time taking care of Pan”
Releasing on May 15th
Episode 44 – “The secret of the released Choukinsiu”
Releasing on May 22nd
Episode 45 – “The wonder copy of Vegeta”
Releasing on May 29th

The surprising proposal: King Of 12 Universes

Goku and 7 Universe team just won the tournament. While they rejoice their victory, appears the king of the universes! The story takes an unexpected turn.

You guys can’t wait, right?