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One Piece: Top 10 Highest Bounties – Lowest To Highest

These are the current top10 Bounties in One Piece (as of Dressrosa Arc).

WARNING: Due to the updated status of the bounties, minor spoilers ahead

One Piece, an action-comedy about pirates searching for the biggest treasure, the One Piece. Leaving chaos in their wake and causing plenty of headaches for the World Government, it is only natural that the government would put bounties on their heads. Bounties reflect power and threat. So if you’re a pirate looking to be the best, better get that bounty up there.

Heavenly Yaksha – Donquixote Doflamingo

Current Bounty: 340 000 000 Beri (FROZEN BOUNTY)

Roar of the Sea – Scratchmen Apoo

Current Bounty: 350 000 000 Beri

Knight of the Sea – Jinbe

Current Bounty: Over 400 000 000 Beri

Captain – Eustess Kid

Current Bounty: 470 000 000 Beri

Whitebeard Jr. – Edward Weevil

Current Bounty: 480 000 000 Beri

The Drill – Chinjao (TIE WITH LUFFY AND LAW)

Current Bounty: 500 000 000 Beri

Straw Hat – Monkey D. Luffy (TIE WITH CHINJAO AND LAW)

Current Bounty: 500 000 000 Beri

Surgeon of Death – Trafalgar Law (TIE WITH CHINJAO AND LUFFY)

Current Bounty: 500 000 000 Beri

Fire Fist – Portgas D. Ace

Current Bounty: 550 000 000 Beri (RETRACTED UPON DEATH)

The Drought – Jack

Current Bounty: 1 000 000 000 Beri


Hawk Eyes – Dracule Mihawk

Calico – Yorki (DECEASED)

Dark King – Silvers Rayleigh (NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Dragon of the Revolutionary – Monkey D. Dragon (NOT TECHNICALLY A PIRATE BUT MOST WANTED MAN)

YONKO PIRATES (No known bounties to date)

Whitebeard – Edward Newgate (DECEASED)

Red Haired – Shanks

Big Mom – Charlotte Linlin

King of the Beasts – Kaido

Blackbeard – Marshall D. Teach (AFTER WHITEBEARD’S DEATH)

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