Top Ten Anime Fights


Yato vs Rabo
Yato vs Rabo the fight between two Gods of Calamity. When these two Gods fight only chaos can come of it. Rabo was awakened after 500 years. However he wished for death, but not from anybody or out of ignorance of humans but from the other God of Calamity Yato that he had looked up to. On the other hand we have God Yato who has changed into a harmless God doing anything so that humans may pray to him and he doesn’t disappear.

Best Anime Fights Ever

Saitama vs Boros
Saitama vs Boros was an interesting fight to say the least. Boros constantly trying to kill Saitama while Saitama is just taking it like it’s nothing. It just goes to show how overpowered Saitama is. For all the punches and blasts that Boros could throw at Saitama, he didn’t even break a sweat. Usually we get to see fights where our main characters are the ones who fight villains and opponents who are godlike. This fight reverses that idea where now the villain/opponent is the one who fights godlike hero. And so their entire focus was on making Boros really strong. I think that is what makes this fight so interesting.


Best Anime Fights Ever
Saitama vs Boros

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