Top Ten Anime Fights


Kirito vs Kayaba Akihiko
Kirito vs Kayaba Akihiko was a very short battle. However it was still an awesome fight. Unlike Dragon Ball series this one was short yet interesting and epic. A quick fight and a quick decision. Fans didn’t have to wait long, the animation was amazing, it had surprises and comebacks. Although I felt like it was bit rushed. What do you guys think? I am tired of watching one fight for a decade, and so this fight was a good one in my opinion.

Best Anime Fights Ever
Kirito vs Kayaba

Freeza vs Goku and Vegeta
Freeza vs Goku to be fair was unfair to Vegeta. But even though it was an amazing fight, objectively speaking or just taking the fight into the consideration alone. Goku and Vegeta’s new god form was even more interesting. Super Saiyan Blue definitely holds new possibilities for the saiyans. However the whole thing with Vegeta did destroy the mood and thrown the whole thing off balance. It had the potential of being a really awesome fight but all of it thrown to a waste for trying to make Goku look good.

Best Anime Fights Ever
Goku vs Frieza
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