Legend of the One Punch Costume

One Punch Man LEGEND

Our B-Class, Rank 7, Superhero-For-Fun with Super-One-Punch-Power, Saitama was one of the phenomenal Anime characters this year. We can’t deny it. Amen to that. Definitely, we cannot also deny comparing him to several OP anime characters such as Goku. I wonder why these fans won’t quit insisting who really is stronger.

Well, for now so much for that. Let’s just keep enjoying watching what we like and stop bashing each others.

So for this article…

Have you ever wonder who weaved Saitama’s superhero costume? Well you might say, “Who cares?” yet I will still share this for those who are very eager to know.

From the extra episode of One Punch Man entitled Road to Hero which was released lately, the story follows along how Saitama got his cool yellow costume.

This article consists so much spoilers. So if you still want to watch the episode and don’t want to be spoiled, proceed at your own risk.

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