Top 10 Dragon Ball Villains


2. Cell

Aah, perfection. As a perfect being myself, I can fully understand Cell’s quest. He wants to be like me so much he will drink everyone dry for it, and I do sympathise. I’m actually surprised, because I never thought bugs were perfect. Cell proved me wrong though, and he did it so well that the cold sweat running down my spine was just as sudden as the time it would take him to kill you.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

Created by Dr. Gero, Cell went back in time from the future so he could absorb Androids 17 and 18, thereby making himself perfect and complete. Obsessed with the prospect of obtaining his true self, Cell will stop at nothing! Neither time, nor space, nor even Goku will get in his way! In fact, there is only one hope for us all! Send in the little underage blonde boy!


While Imperfect Cell is a purely terrifying yet genius piece of work, and Semi-Perfect Cell is an ugly eyesore, Perfect Cell just has to be my favourite. The charisma and charm that just oozes out of his voice, coupled alongside his expressions, attitude, confident smirk and Perfect Kamehameha, just make him so damn enjoyable. And it’s too bad that he’s not number one. It must… bug him!

  1. Frieza

There could be no other! Some things just cannot be negotiated. I am awesome. Pizza is the best food of them all. Freddie Mercury was a treasure. And Frieza is the best Dragon Ball villain of them all. It’s in the Bible, look it up. (Don’t look it up). And honestly, do I even need to explain why?


Frieza is evil. Maybe not entirely complex, but an utter inspiration of villainy. Orochimaru and Aizen and probably even that blue-haired bitch from Toradora can all give credit to Frieza for being the reason they exist today. His reign over his armies, his condescension and superiority over entire species, his sadistic torturing of his victims and his fantastic voice in both Sub and recent Dub (I prefer recent Dub to 90s), all make him just utterly gorgeous on the evil score. I mean, why else would he wear lipstick?


He is literally the culmination of Akira Toriyama’s fears. The epitome of cruel. He’s like the Grinch, the Penguin and Emperor Palpatine all rolled into one transforming alien bastard. Killer of Krillin, initiator of the first ever Super Saiyan attack, and star of the latest DBZ film, Frieza is the ruler of villainy. So why aren’t you already prostrating yourself?!

Honourable Mentions:

Super Janemba
Pilaf Gang
Pilaf Gang
Kid Buu
Kid Buu
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