Top 10 Dragon Ball Villains


4. Beerus

Aww hell yes! Beerus the almighty God of Destruction, and don’t anybody try to tell me he’s not a supreme badass worthy of the name! We’re talking about someone who destroys planets when he accidentally sneezes out a genocidal attack, yet can also be utterly adorable and complex in his manner of thinking and motivation.


Is Beerus ever truly on your side? ‘F no! He’s on his own side, and he will make sure you know it. He’s a God, the second most powerful character in the universe, and probably more ancient than the majority of the planets out there. His first appearance is so special for the franchise, as it not only introduces a wonderful and enjoyable character, but expands the mythology of the universe itself.


What was once seen as a series that only Goku could win was so swiftly changed by Beerus. Goku cannot defeat Beerus, despite his training. He’s not even close to winning in a battle against this God, and that’s amazing. In lesser hands, a character like this would be an unbearable frustration that only serves to put the drills in our temples. Instead, Beerus is godly. …Damn, these jokes are fantastic.

3. Vegeta

Probably the greatest rival in anime history, Vegeta is the best character in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, since this is a villains list, he is slightly lower than 1st place. Don’t misunderstand me though. Vegeta as a villain is iconic in both anime, and our childhoods. Whether he’s wearing a red scouter or an “M” tramp stamp, he is still one sexy badass.


It’s almost impossible to think of what else to say about Vegeta that nobody else has. His development is arguably the best in the series, but his time as a villain is unforgettable. Whether he’s screaming “IT’S OVER 8000!” or blowing up his own life partner Nappa for failing to kill Goku, every scene is owned by the short Saiyan.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

His standoff with Goku is such an icon to fighting. The fighting stance, the tension, and the pace are all perfect. Vegeta is undefeated, and Goku needs to change that. Vegeta kills time and time again, and he does it without regret. And yes, I do love Majin Vegeta dearly, but I think Scouter Vegeta is just slightly better. Maybe it’s because his first appearance was such a turn-on, or maybe I just hate tattoos.

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