Top 10 Dragon Ball Villains


6. King Piccolo

You didn’t think I’d forget King Piccolo, did you? Yes, he’s not from the Z or the Super leagues, but there was a time when aliens were a rarity and the idea of destroying planets was not only ridiculous, it was impossible. Back then, the full level of evil was King Piccolo, father of Piccolo Jr and the cause of Krillin’s first ever death. Talk about dark!


Sealed away long ago, King Piccolo is a namekian from the planet Namek and has the power to throw up new kids which can then go off and break Krillin’s neck or get eaten by Yajirobe or beat Tien down… basically, even his kids are not going to have nice lives. Ever since the King’s appearance, the entire tone of the arc goes massively dark as horrors and hardships are pushed upon Goku and his friends.


The defeat of King Piccolo is iconic, and is glorious. This was a character who caused the deaths of Krillin, Master Roshi, Shenron, Chiaotzu and more. A character who betrayed everyone he came by, and changed the way we would look at the franchise forever. And thanks to Goku’s amazing fisting abilities, a character we will most likely never see again. Such a shame.

5. Super Buu

I was hesitant to put a form of Buu on this list, as you could argue that all of Buu should be here, but I feel like Super Buu is a Special Buu. A better Buu. I personally found Fat Buu an annoyance, and while Kid Buu is tons of fun, he lacks the staying power and ambition of Super Buu. Remember, this is the villain that can turn you into candy so he can… play with his food!


The outcome of what happens when Buu’s evil side overshadows the light, this is almost what you could consider the “Darth Buu” of the saga. Dark and determined, without any mercy except for Mr Satan, Super Buu is nothing short of ugly, but in the best possible way. What do I mean by that? He wiped out 99.9999% of humanity with one attack! That is sickeningly awesome!

maxresdefault (1)

Absorbing heroes to get smarter and stronger at the same time, stealing their abilities for his own gain, laughing like a diabolical lunatic when he’s having the time of his life, yet destroying everything in his path as soon as he doesn’t get his own way… Pick your favourite attribute of Super Buu. For me, it’s the pink tentacle thing. I don’t know what it does or why it’s there but it’s so beautiful!

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