Top 10 Dragon Ball Villains


8. The Androids

A little bit of a cheat here, but one I feel you can understand. The trio of Androids known as 16, 17 and 18 are hard to really talk about apart, so it’s best to keep them together and judge them as a group rather than singular villains. (Remember that for the next entry on this list). And if you really need me to pick a favourite to appease the inner goddess of rage inside your belly… I’ll say 18. She’s hot.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

Created by Dr. Gero, who later becomes Android 20 after making a robot mime known as 19, the trio were “born” with the obsession of killing Son Goku, so as to avenge a past victory when he destroyed the entire Red Ribbon Army years ago. After rebelling like sexy teenagers, the three go off in a pink van and search for Goku by themselves. They enjoy each other’s company, birds, cars… Different loves for different androids, but all of them definitely get along great. And that’s why they’re so appealing.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

It’s interesting to note that the Androids are one of the few entries here that are enjoyable because of how they change. While other villains are amazing because of what they do to the goodies or their methods, the Androids are just loads of fun and surprisingly heartfelt at times. Android 16 in particular has beautiful scenes, and it helps to capture all our attentions. I adore the Cell Saga, and the Androids are a huge reason for that. They’re sexy, they’re powerful, they’re brutal, and they are not just machines.

7. The Ginyu Force

God damn. I love these guys. I love them so much. I love their designs. I love their personalities. I love their voices. I love their poses. I just simply love the Ginyu Force. Led by the great Captain Ginyu, we have Jeice, Recoome, Burter and Guldo! Five Power Rangers who work for their lord Frieza as his greatest elites, and can take on any challenge he so wishes… or can they?

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

Yes to my dismay, even the Ginyu Force could not survive the wrath of Vegeta and Goku, the former of whom has literally killed all five of them. (Thanks to Super for allowing Vegeta to get that 5th bastard that was missing on his record). However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a significant force. With the amazing powers they have, the Force were the first to ever put Vegeta to such a near-death state so easily, and it was so entertaining that I was nearly rooting for them.


Personality is always important when writing a villain, and these dudes had personality in spades. They made jokes, they argued amongst themselves, they laughed, they cried… They even played games to decide who commits murder first! It’d be impossible to talk about these five as much as they deserve, so I’ll just say this: Watch them yourself, damn it! And for every view this article gets, I will unleash the Dance of Joy!

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