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11 Anime Side Characters We All Love

Everyone loves main characters but there are quite a few side characters we all love. Here are 11 Anime Side Characters We All Love, I hope you like the list! My favorite is No. 1, 4, 5, and 8.

1. Killua

Anime – Hunter x Hunter

2. Genos

Anime – One Punch Man

3. Krillin

Anime – Dragon Ball

4. Might Guy

Anime – Naruto

5. L

Anime – Death Note

6. Renji

Anime – Bleach

7. Kallen Kozuki

Anime – Code Geass

8. Zoro

Anime – One Piece

9. Laxus

Anime – Fairy Tail

10. Sanosuke

Anime – Samurai X

11. Kazuma Kuwabara

Anime – Yu Yu Hakusho

Hey guys, we are looking for writers! who can make lists like this and there’s more than this.

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