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10 Death Note Facts You Need To Know

In this list we have added 10 Cool Death Facts, also there are few spoilers ahead!
Death Note is an amazing manga and anime series with many interesting facts in it.Top 10 interesting facts are listed below.

1st fact

Death note manga is sold over 30 million copies all over the world still the identity of the author of this manga is unknown all we know is his name “Tsugumi Ohba ” and he was born in Tokyo. Many people say his behavior and identity are similar to “L” from the death note.

2nd fact

There have been many instances where anime has caused controversy and Death Note is one of the anime to do that. In fact, Death note was at one point banned in China because so many kids were buying their one Death notebooks and writing the names of people they disliked in them such as acquaintances and teachers.

3rd fact

Another popular series that was created by “Tsugumi Ohba” is Bakuman, which based on the life of manga creators. The reason people first connected “Gamo” to Death Note is a small note early in the series. Light’s school is called Gamo Seminar, and it’s a common trend in manga/anime for creators to name schools after themselves. Whether or not you believe Ohba is actually Goma, it’s hard to find any better theories about Ohba’s possible identity.bakuman

4th fact

“L” is not only the best detective but also almost a daddy..*shocked ?* its true. When the characters of Near and Mello were first created by Ohba, he had considered making them not just L’s protégés, but his actual sons. This is why their personalities were less distinct, when they first appeared in the manga. The idea was later nixed, and Near and Mello were finally given distinct personalities and unique backgrounds. Although… they did inherit a sweet tooth from their ‘almost’ papa.

5th fact

Just because a Shinigami is a God of death, and never lived as a human, doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate Christmas.Thanks to a Death Note: One-Shot special, we got to see Ryuk ask Light, like Santa Clause, what he wanted for Christmas.

Death Note

6th fact

Till today you were thinking that Near never killed anyone..but its false Near killed Mikami with the Death Note. This theory has never been proven true or false. Touta Matsuda creates this theory, believing that Near used the Death Note in order to restrict Mikami’s actions at the Yellowbox Warehouse, later causing Mikami to die.

7th fact

Shinigami the god of death’s can also die..The rule about, killing to save a human, is the only one that if broken results in a shinigami’s permanent disappearance. So the one and the only way a Shinigami can die is if they save humans.

8th fact

You might have not noticed this fact but when Light first saw the Death Note fall in the first episode, it lands with the front cover facing downwards. But when Light goes to pick up the Death Note, the front cover is facing upwards.

9th fact

When watching the Death Note series, you can tell that Light and L are complete opposites in terms of behavior and characteristics. In fact, the only real similarity is that they’re both pure geniuses and are great players. However, the writer has made the two characters so opposite from one another that whenever we see them use a computer, L uses a Mac while Light uses a Windows PC.

10th fact

In the original Death Note pilot manga, there’s a special tool called the Death Eraser, that can erase the names in the Death Note and revive all the people that have been killed by the Death Note.