10 Anime Characters Who Can Challenge Saitama By Rank

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2 Weeks ago we had a poll on who could beat or challenge Saitama in a fight, here are Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Challenge Saitama in a fight and it’s based on the poll with total 18259 votes.

I’ll also add my Opinions on each character, feel free to add yours in the comments.

10. Natsu Dragneel (180 Votes, Fairy Tail)


Natsu is pretty strong but I’m definitely sure that he will not be able to beat Saitama but we still don’t know his full power.

9. Arale Norimaki (189 Votes, Dr. Slump)


I’m 100% sure that she can beat Saitama but than again this is just my opinion, She can move the planet from Mars to Venus (which is a distance of at least 141,578,000 miles) with a single stomp. She can easily lift 100 tons and has enough power to destroy the Earth with a single punch. ONE PUNCH KID. yeah!!

8. Ichigo Kurosaki (463 Votes, Bleach)

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is pretty strong but I don’t think he’s as strong as Saitama. Saitama is also pretty fast as well.

7. Aizen Sosuke (726 Votes, Bleach)


Aizen is too OP but still, I don’t think he can beat Saitama.

6. Yamcha (727 Votes, Dragon Ball)


Well all of us think that Yamcha’s pretty weak or whatever but I think he’s pretty strong compared to most of the anime characters, yet I still think he can’t beat Saitama.

5. Monkey D. Luffy (1089 Votes, One Piece)

how old is luffy

Luffy is pretty cool but he can’t beat Saitama either.

4. Lelouch Vi Britannia (1270 Votes, Code Geass)

Code Geass Lelouch Resurrection

Lelouch has a chance if he can command Saitama to die. But Saitama is pretty fast, so no idea who would win in their fight.

3. Naruto Uzumaki (1452 Votes, Naruto)


Naruto is pretty damn strong by the end of Naruto Manga, but still, he has no chance of beating Saitama.

2. Madara Uchiha (2360 Votes, Naruto)


Madara is pretty overpowered and his meteor Jutsu is pretty awesome but Saitama destroyed meteor with a single punch with ease. And Madara would be a good choice and he can put up a good fight against Saitama but I don’t think he can beat Saitama

1. Goku (9803 Votes, Dragon Ball)


Probably the only Character who can Challenge and beat Saitama!

The votes are based on over 18000 users and my opinions are of course based on my thoughts, feel free to comment on what you think about this list.

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