I am gonna discuss “Was Ulquiorra Cifer the strongest Espada?”. This question arises in the mind of many bleach fans and I will try to find a conclusion for you.

We need to compare his power and strength with the Top 3 Espada; Stark, Baraggan, and Harribel.

Tier Harribel: Espada Tres(3)

She was ranked third in terms of power among the Espada by Aizen. However since Aizen didn’t know about the second Resurrección form of Ulquiorra, the rankings were doubtful.

Barragan was stronger than her so if Ulquiorra turned out to be stronger than Barragan, he goes straight to 2nd strongest, right?

Barragan Louisenbairn: Espada Segunda(2)

He was the king of Hueco Mundo before Aizen took over the Las Noches. Aizen ranked him second in terms of power among the Espada. He had the absolute power to turn anything to its death just by touching.

Considering the destructive power of Ulquiorra’s Resurrección: Segunda Etapa, he was stronger than Barragan. Ulquiorra’s attacks had way more power than Sui Feng’s Bankai.

Coyote Starrk: Espada Primera(1)

Who is stronger and is worthy of Espada Primera?

Ulquiorra and Starrk have the real competition.

Starrk’s overwhelming speed was seen when he took Orihime away to a tower that took Ichigo quite a while to reach. Ulquiorra was also fast but not as quick as Starrk. Starrk also had immense spiritual power, being able to fire so many Ceros without getting exhausted is truly amazing.

It’s not clear why Ulquiorra had a second resurrección but if we compare the overall power of Ulquiorra and Starrk, I think Starrk was little superior.

So this is how I would place the Top 4 Espada,


To conclude, in my opinion, Ulquiorra was the second strongest among the Espada. What do you think?