When it comes to sports anime, the two most popular sport is basketball and boxing. There’s a couple of popular franchises for the two sports. When compared to those two sports, Volleyball anime is just an afterthought until recently. Here are the top 4 volleyball anime that you can watch.

Top 4 Volleyball Anime For Sport Fans

4. Attack on Tomorrow (1977)

Top 4 volleyball anime

This old show is one of the earliest Shoujo anime ever produced. It is ultimately a tribute for the Japnese women’s volleyball team who won the gold medal in the Olympics on 1976. The story follows Mimi Hijiiri who only have one-year of school remaining. She will do everything to liven up the school’s volleyball team who were demoralized by the death of a teammate through an accident.

3. Attack No. 1 (1969)

Top 4 volleyball anime

Attack No. 1 is Attacker on Tomorrow‘s predecessor and is considered as the first Shoujo anime and manga in Japan. The story is about Kozue Ayuhara who transferred to a new school and joined the volleyball team. The team coach actually saw a talent from her and she keeps improving every day. However, all the drama started when Kozue started to clash with the current volleyball star of the school.

2. Harukana Receive (2018)

Top 4 volleyball anime

Harukana Receive is an upcoming anime that features Beach Volleyball than the usual Volleyball. Haruka moves to Okinawa and immediately fell in love with the beach. She team-up with her cousin, Kanata and other female teenagers to join the Beach Volleyball Junior Tournament. However, Kanata was not sure about this because she gave up playing the sport due to her height insecurity. It is now up to Haruka to bring back Kanata’s confidence and love in beach volleyball. The show will premier in July this year.

1. Haikyuu!

Top 4 volleyball anime

Haikyuu is undoubtedly the most successful Volleyball anime to date. It centers with the Karasuno High volleyball team and their journey to the top. The once rivals: Kageyama and Hinata found out that they’re actually a great duo because of their differences. However, their rivalry did not end as they try to make their team the number one team in Japan.

There it is, the Top 4 volleyball anime list. Hopefully, we continue to see more volleyball anime in the future.


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