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Vegeta Has Finally Mastered His Ultimate Technique

Everything is starting to get pretty intense in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, with only two Universes left in U11 and U7. In addition, only Frieza, Goku, Android 17, Vegeta, and Jiren remain. However; all of the Universe 7 fighters are weakened, with Jiren still fresh, and his true power yet to be seen.

However, that doesn’t mean all is lost, especially as Toppo from Universe 11 last week looked unstoppable. Yet Vegeta managed to overcome his power and wipe the Pride Trooper out.This means that Universe 7 still has a chance, especially with Vegeta finally finishing an old technique that killed him the last time he used it. All the way back in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta managed to almost finish off the evil creature threatening the world in Majin Buu by sacrificing himself in a huge destructive ball of Ki.

Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta

This attack at the time killed Vegeta, although, now it seems as if Vegeta has finally mastered it and it’s now possible to survive the blast. Just as the others can live after using the Mafuba. Vegeta used the same technique that he used against Buu, and this time it successfully knocked out the God of Destruction in Toppo from the Tournament of Power.

As a result, Jiren is now the only Universe 11 fighter remaining and that means that it’s a four on one now. Which gives Universe 7 a big upper hand, but only in numbers.

Vegeta Explosion
Vegeta Explosion

The limit breaking power that Vegeta has now means that the Saiyan can probably do that technique again against Jiren, which makes Vegeta a very dangerous opponent once more. However, for Vegeta to use this attack again. He must be allowed time to recover and with only four minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power. It might be hard to do that successfully.




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