Fusion has been an important part of the Dragon Ball world for quite some time, as it has helped with countless enemies since it was introduced early in the Buu saga. The results of fusion are outstanding, with the fighters in Vegito, Gogeta, and Gotenks being incredible warriors.

However, there are just a couple of fusions that we should probably never see, and here’s why. Both Goku and Vegeta have two very powerful children each. Vegeta has Trunks and Bulla, who both have incredible talent. While Goku has Gohan and Goten who are said to be even more talented.  Both Goten and Trunks have fused many times into Gotenks, with Vegeta and Goku both fusing into Vegito and Gogeta a few times as well. However, Gohan and Bulla (yes, she is a baby in Dragon Ball Super) haven’t been involved in any fusions at all.

Now I’m not saying that these fusions are bad or that Gohan and Bulla shouldn’t ever fuse, it’s just that there are a couple combinations that put plainly, shouldn’t happen. Many Dragon Ball fans have always wondered what would happen if Gotenks and Vegito fused, or Vegito fusing with Gohan. Or even Goku and Gohan fusing, or Vegeta and Trunks. The power of those fighters that they create would be ridiculous, which is why fans dream of these combinations.

However, there is one key reason as to why this should never happen, and that reason is memories. Think about it, the fused fighter will have all the memories and emotions of both characters. So if Trunks was to fuse with his dad, the end result would be the fighter they create having sexual feelings towards Bulma still, as well as motherly feelings towards her.

That means that Trunks would also momentarily while fused have the memory of lusting over his own mother, while Vegeta would have feelings for Trunks’ crush (who is a child by the way).In addition, the fighter would then have memories of his parents creating him in the past, which would surely be incredibly traumatic.

The same will apply for both Gohan, Goten and Goku as well. However, Gohan has a wife and kid, which only makes that situation even more messed up, as Goku will see the memories of his granddaughter in Pan being conceived. Sadly there are some things that can never be unseen and watching your parents create you or your sibling through the eyes and emotions of your parent, is one of those things that can really mess someone up. As a result, I believe the combinations of parent and child should never happen in Dragon Ball, as the mental side effects would be traumatic and probably long-lasting.


Gokū Is Doing Something Terrible In The Next Episode

Hey guys. Today was quite an eventful day for all the Dragon Ball Super fans. We got the title for two new episodes and we also got the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 128. In this post, I’ll be discussing something that Gokū is doing in the upcoming episode. Before we start with the episode let me warn you that this post contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

So read ahead at your own risk. Let us begin. Dragon Ball Super 128 will be airing on February 18th. The episode will have Vegeta and Jiren at the centre of attention. The title of the episode is “With Noble Pride To The End! Vegeta Falls!” In this episode Vegeta will be getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Also, I believe that Android 17 will be eliminated as well. It’s fairly obvious with only Vegeta fighting against Jiren.

Gokū is badly wounded so Vegeta decides to challenge Jiren head on. As we know that Jiren is unleashing his full power, Vegeta will have a hard time fighting him. Vegeta someone continues to stand despite Jiren’s vicious onslaught. Vegeta continues to fight for his pride. Meanwhile, Gokū intently watches the death battle. Something is going through Gokū’s mind. But, it makes me wonder why would Gokū just watch this battle and do absolutely nothing.

He just sits there and watches Vegeta getting knocked out of the Tournament. That’s really crazy. What particularly interests me is the fact that Gokū is looking at fight “intently”. What could a nincompoop like Gokū possibly think while Vegeta is getting thrashed around. Whatever Goku was thinking, allows him to master the Ultra Instinct. You heard it right. Gokū is going to master Ultra Instinct in DBS episode 129. It is going to be the biggest power up in the history of the Dragon Ball series. Even without mastering the Ultra Instinct, Gokū was able to toe to toe against Jiren.

Although Jiren wasn’t at full power, Gokū was able to push him and land a few hits.
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