It’s a Famous theme in anime the protagonist suddenly gets thrown into another world entirely different than their own and has to either get out or learn to survive there.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Protagonist awakens to find himself among many strangers in a dark room.
This anime series depicts the main characters living desperately in such a situation.
Since their do-or-die struggles look entirely practical, we are forced to feel as if we were in the other world.
This anime makes us think we would be bewildered in the same manner if we went to another world.


The best part about this anime is the Protagonist is pathetic and powerless, and the team he builds to try to escape this world is just as bad.

If you love explosions, stunning visual effects, and action, then this is the show for you!

Log Horizon

Log Horizon gets utterly right about Video Game Worlds and presents an epic story that makes you think and question life itself.
Shiro, the main character, is perfectly balanced, and not overpowered.


Japan is connected to another world through a portal that opened suddenly.
Though dragons and elves are common in the other world appear, this work includes the in-depth descriptions on how the Japan Self-Defense Forces would operate in the different world and on what would happen if such thing happens.

Sword Art Online

The Protagonist is locked into the world of a video game and plunged into a grave state where the death in the video game world instantaneously lead to the end of life in the real world.

No Game No Life

If you like playing all types of games, then you’ll love No Game No Life!
Brother sister duo that calls themselves the best gamers in the world. One day they get challenged to a game via email and get dropped into a world where games decide everything.
NGNL is a fantastic anime: The setting is excellent; the illustrations are pretty, and the games are fast-moving.

Re: Zero

Regular high school student Subaru was walking home from the convenience store one day when he suddenly found himself in another world.
He’s not trying to save the world, or find out how he got there or anything. He falls in love with the first girl he sees and spends the rest of the series trying to win her over.


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