Being an anime fan, we all know the pain of waiting for another season of a great anime that we just finished. Sometimes, it can take a year or years, before some of our favorite anime to be resumed. But, there are those unfortunate pieces of jewels, that aren’t fortunate to get yet another season. Here are some anime series that deserves a second season.


After, the initial failure of the anime mobile game version to be on top five top grossing games in Japan, the chance for BTOOOM! Season two was forfeited. The game was launched almost a year ago and we haven’t seen any improvement to be called noteworthy. Still, fans are waiting diligently for the second season.

8. High School of the Dead

This anime will forever be stuck in season one. After it’s creator, Daisuke Sato passed away last year from coronary artery disease. But, fans are still waiting for the next installation of the series.

7. No Game No Life

The second season of this anime was canceled due to plagiarism cases against it’s author Yuu Kamiya. Even, though the anime ended with a cliff-hanger, it’s still not sure if there will be another season.

6. Barakamon

Sensei is still searching for his own calligraphy, when the anime ends. It would be really interesting to see more of the result, that he’s been aiming for. It would also be nice if we see how his calligraphy evolved into “Handa Seishuu calligraphy” throughout the years.

5. Ouran High School Host Club

The series stopped following the manga at one point, which ended up to a different ending compared to the original source material. Although, the manga and the anime have been finished for a while now, some fans still hope that, they will get the manga ending animated.

4. Slam Dunk

Just as the team is going to enter the Inter-High, the anime adaptation of this series ended. The manga already ended, but the season two is yet to appear. Those kids back from the day (including me) will surely want to get the rest of the Inter-High arc animated.

3. Angel Beats

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The anime ended with pretty much all important ends wrapped up. But, it would be nice if we could see Otonashi and Kanade have a second chance to their short-lived romance?

2. Hataraku Maou-sama

There’s no way we would let this anime end with two orders of Katsu-dum. The two demons will have to return to Ente Isla and finish the business they left there. This is where the conflict will start, will Maou finally stop invading Ente Isla? Or will he put his friendship with Emilia at stake for rebuilding his own empire?

1. Mob Psycho 100

One’s other webcomic, One Punch Man, is confirmed to come with a season two, and everybody knows that. However, when it comes to Saitama’s little bro, Mob, it’s not still certain if Mob Psycho 100 will have a second season. Although, the webcomic has a decent amount of source material already, they can’t really offer One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 in the same year. But, the series will have a live-action adaptation and Reigen’s OVA to boot.



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