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Top 7 Rokka No Yuusha Strongest Characters


Nashetania is the first princess of Piena. She’s the Saint Of Blades, which means that she can create multiple blades with her rapier. She can use them offensively as projectiles or make them raise from the ground to impale her opponents. She can also use the blades defensively by forming a shield.


Adlet is the self-proclaimed “strongest man in the world”. He uses any technique, so he can bring down his opponent. Instead of relying on strength alone. He’s aware that, for an ordinary person like him, becoming the strongest man on Earth can be done only with this method. Although he has been accused of fighting “dirty” and “despicable”.  Some rumors refer to him as a “cowardly warrior”. He’s never lost his trust in this particular fighting style.


Goldof is the head of the Black Horns Knights of Piena. He is considered a genius fighter, blessed with a supernatural strength, speed with a resilient, and a huge body. He’s said to be the strongest person in Piena. In addition, he’s capable of becoming even stronger, when his princess is in danger.


Fremy is the Saint Of Gunpowder, which means that she can create explosives during battles and greatly increase the damage caused by her gun’s bullets. She can easily kill most of the kyouma as most of the armored human beings in a single shot.


Hans is a professional killer. Who in battle can usually wield two wide blade knives, moves around in an inhuman and completely unpredictable manner. Sometimes rotating in midair, temporarily walk on his fists, and has the flexibility of a cat. He’s fast, silent, and deadly in all situations. He’s extremely talented. He’s the strongest human (non-Saint) amongst all.


Mora is the head of the All Heavens Temple. She has the “Power Of The Mountains”, which is one of the strongest. Thanks to it, she can greatly increase her strength,  she can make her voice resonate clearly to people far away and heal injuries.


Chamo is said to be the most powerful person in history of the saint of the single flower. She’s the Saint Of The Swamp, which means she can use her stomach as a swamp, creating a place for her minions to live in. She eats any animal or Kyouma that interests her, then she use components to eat, then create new “pets” or reinforce the pets that she has already tamed. Her pets are completely loyal to her. They act on their own, when protecting her even by sacrificing themselves, and they can regenerate within a few seconds from most lethal wounds.

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