Here is the list of Top 10 Strongest Female Characters of Bleach. They are equally appealing and attractive but when it comes to power, they are beasts! The list is arguable and only my evaluation.

10. Giselle Gewelle

She proved to be a powerful Quincy during the war. Her ability to take control of anyone who gets her blood splattered on them. This also works for corpses.


9. Bambietta Basterbine

Her strength is to create bombs. They are reishi that makes anything they make contact with to explode. She was able to steal the Bankai of Captain Komamura in the first invasion. Later, Komamura defeats her with the new appearance of his Bankai in the second invasion.

8. Suì-Fēng

She is the Captian of squad 2 in GOTEI 13 and very skilled in assassinations. Her Zanpakto is very adapted for that purpose as it can kill her mark with just two strokes at the same position. Not to mention, her Bankai has the ridiculous firepower for a sure kill.

7. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

She is an Espada that usually stays in a child form after she was deceived and driven out of Aizen’s Las Noches. She was Espada no 4 and the way she was attacking Noitora, she would have taken him down even if he released his resurrección. As Kenpachi was having so much trouble with Noitora, Nel’s Power was transcending Kenpachi at that time.

6. Tier Harribel

Espada no 3, Harribel had an immense amount of strength and resolution that she took on 3 captain level fighters and still managed to stay alive until Aizen betrayed her. During the Thousand year war, she was seen to be captured as she was ruling Heuco Mundo after Aizen.

5. Rukia Kuchiki

She is current Squad 13 Captain at the end of the manga. She released her Bankai that was so powerful that her opponent disintegrated in seconds as the area around her reaches absolute zero temperature.

4. Yoruichi Shihōin

She is former Captain of Squad 2 who left soul society with Urahara Kisuke. without using any Zanpakto, her combat and destructive abilities are off the charts. She is also very proficient in stealth activities.

3. Kirio Hikifune

She is the Captain of Zero Squad and titled Ruler of Grain by the Soul King. Not much is revealed about her powers as a captain as Sternritter defeated her real quick but she is bound to be quite strong.

2. Senjumaru Shutara

She is also the Captain of Zero Squad and titled Great Weave Guard. She was appointed personally by the soul king for his protection. She can produce, shape, and manipulate cloth for many purposes. Her Shikai or Bankai are not revealed however because the Sternritter overpowered the zero squad too quickly.

1. Unohana Retsu

She was the first Kenpachi and was the founding member of GOTEI 13. She died in her fight with Zaraki still she was experienced and sturdy enough to be one of most powerful characters of Bleach. Her battle data has the offense of 100/100 and total points are just 20 less than Head Captain Yamamoto.

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