Hi, this article features the list of Top 10 Bleach Strongest Male Characters. This list is just my opinion, feel free to agree and disagree. Enjoy!

10.Gremmy Thoumeaux

The Sternitter V, the visionary makes his imagination come true. It was a formidable power as he was able to summon a meteorite from the sky. However, he still was not good enough to withstand the beast like Kenpachi Zaraki.

9. Gerard Valkyrie

One of the elite sternitter, he was tough enough to withstand three captain class shinigami in their maximum powers. Later, he was killed and his powers were absorbed by Yhwach


8. Urahara Kisuke

The genius mind who helped Ichigo multiple times is a former captain. He has a hair-raising Bankai with powers to restructure anything supportively or offensively.

7. Shinsui Kyoraku

Don’t be fooled by his gentle nature, The current head captain of Sereitei has quite a ruthless Bankai that he only uses as a last resort. He was able to direct the GOTEI 13 well after Yamamoto died.

6. Kenpachi Zaraki

Throughout the manga, This guy is an absolute beast and totally doesn’t give a ****. After the release of his Shikai and Bankai, his powers have gone exponentially off the charts.


5. Aizen

The absolute genius gifted with really strong zanpakto and is immortal. He couldn’t reach his goal but his strength was truly formidable. His treachery and ruthless nature with a touch of evil. He is the very definition of an anti-hero.

4. Ichibe Hyosube

Ichibe is the member of Zero Squad having the purpose of protecting the soul king. He was able to withstand Yhwach’s overwhelming power for quite some time.





3. Yamamoto Genryusai

The badass Head Captain who remained at that post for a thousand year in GOTEI 13 is the oldest shinigami. He was immensely strong and experienced in combat with the Zanpakto, Ryūjin Jakka, the strongest Zanpakto.


2. Ichigo

The main protagonist who kept progressing in power until yhwach pushed him to extreme limits. He had gained immense powers at the end of manga surpassing all the captains. Despite him being weaker than Yhwach, he somehow managed to defeat him.


1. Yhwach

He is the son of soul king and certainly the most powerful character in the series. He possessed the power “The Almighty” that enabled him to see the future and later even change it. At any moment of his presence in the story, he never felt to be dominated by anyone. It took a lot of losses on the other side before he was defeated.

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