It looks like the timer is ticking down on Tokyo Ghoul’s Season  3. Earlier this year, fans heard Studio Pierrot was producing a new season of the series, and its first posters have been detected out around Japan.

On Twitter, the official page for Tokyo Ghoul’s anime shared a unique surprise with fans. A series of images were uploaded which highlighted promotional posters for Tokyo Ghoul: re anime. The collection was posted at Kaihinmakuhari Station Japan for fans to go check out.

“At the Kaihinmakuhari Station, Latest posters of Tokyo Ghoul: re have been posted! The newest visual of the anime was used! Please check it out,” the tweet wrote.

So far, the new posters have still to debut in full online, but these screenshots show a lot. There are numerous new visuals as each main character of Tokyo Ghoul: re received their own poster. A gathering shot was also posted that has Ken Kaneki being in the middle of his new team. Shortly this year, fans got their initial taste of the series and its cast when Pierrot released a teaser trailer for the long-awaited revival.

If you are familiar with the Tokyo Ghoul series, then you will know the series reflects an amnesiac Kaneki as he builds his own CCG squad. The hero manages a team known as the ‘Quinx Squad’ who is charged with others like Kaneki. The group houses investigators who are half-Ghoul, and the trailer gave each of the squad’s members a close-up.



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