Howdy Everyone, For over the past few years in the anime industry, they brought so many ”Game” genre animes like SAO, Accel World, Log Horizon, Btooom! and other ”Game” animes out there. But the thing is, most of them or should I say ”Almost” of the anime with a ”Game” genre is about going into a video game itself and it’s getting boring.

Summer 2017 season ended along with one of its unique ”Game” anime which is very different to other animes this season because not only it excels to the ”Game” genre with being different to other animes out there but also it excels on the psychological part of it. Welcome to Kakegurui. A 12-episodes anime that offers both the craziness of gambling and mechanism of it.

Well, Because of the good TRP’s and the support fans show the Anime, the studio has finally decided that Kakegurui season 2 will air real soon. Well, here’s what the official website comments on the new season.

The “Hyakkaou Private Academy Cultural Festival” event announced on Saturday that the broadcast of a second Kakegurui anime season has been green-lit.

Kakegurui Season 2 Release Date –

Well, I won’t keep you guys in the dark but the thing that is confirmed right now is that Kakegurui will have a Season 2. Nothing is confirmed regarding the release date. However, it is expected that the anime will air around Fall 2018.

But it all depends on the animation team and the time they give to the anime. Fall 2018 is the most expected date. And, if there comes any other information regarding this. I will make sure to update you on it.

So, that’s all for today, Thanks for reading. You can talk to me on Instagram about any Anime or any particular theory you have. I will be replying to you As soon as I can. (Instagram: @TheSpoilerGuy)


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