The Seven Deadly Sins is making real close its comeback “Nanatsu no Tanzai Season 2 – Revival of 10 Commandments arc is set to issue in January 2018.” This news was initially revealed at Nanatsu no Taizai FES (an event held in Tokyo, Japan).

A 30-second promo for The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 has been released in Japan. The clip shows Hawk as the piggy comrade giving a summary of the series. Some of the anime’s Protagonists like Meliodas, Ban, Elizabeth, and more are featured in the promo.

The Promo also gives an exact date for the second season’s debut. The Seven Deadly Sins will return on January 6 to be precise, and fans will be able to keep up with the show on Netflix.

A new Nanatsu No Taizai New Movie is also in the making and is being planned to be released in Summer of 2018.

The production will be accomplished by A1 Pictures and will be directed by Takeshi Furuta.The anime will also consist of the same voice actors from the first season, and there is no significant change that we know of.

Nanatsu No Tanzai manga began in 2012 and inspired the launch of its anime back in 2014. Anime Season 1 ended in 2015, but the rebirth of the story’s anime will be continued in January 2018.


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