The Boruto Naruto Next Generations series has been heavily criticised since it began, with the distaste for the series only increasing as the anime continues to move slowly. However, over the past couple of weeks. That criticism has only increased further, as we have seen the new Team 7 and the other Konoha genin struggle against the Byakuya Gang.

This is a group of noble criminals who steal from the rich and give to the poor. The group doesn’t really seem very dangerous. However, despite that; the genin have still struggled to take them down. Which is disappointing to most Boruto fans. Although that isn’t really why this new wave of criticism has begun, it’s the jounin’s restrictions that have started the uproar.

The Konoha genin are essentially nothing but alarms for Konoha and are only allowed to warn either a chunin or jounin about the gang. Which means they can’t engage them at all. In the past, genin were respected ninjas and weren’t treated like children, as well as expected to risk their lives. This was evident in Naruto when the 5th Hokage in Tsunade sent Shikamaru, Neji, Rock Lee, Naruto, Choji, and Kiba to hunt down Jounin level ninjas. And bring back the last Uchiha in Sasuke to the village.

However, now it seems things have changed in the time of peace and the genin’s progression is slowing down with all of these restrictions placed on them. In addition, the genin of today are arguably a great deal more talented than the previous generation. Which makes you wonder why their seniors are babying them so much.

In the manga, the young kids are already completing missions that are usually reserved for jounin’s. However, the anime has babysitted the kids so far. Hopefully this restriction we be lifted soon so we can get to see the next generation take on someone powerful soon.


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