I am huge bleach enthusiast, I am gonna review the Renji x Rukia relationship that was created at the end of the manga.

There are a few shinigami that are married in bleach. The only marriage I can think of is Isshin who married a Quincy, Misaki. The marriage of shinigami doesn’t add up anyway. Anyhow, Rukia Kuchiki did marry Renji Abarai less than ten years after Yhwach’s Defeat and they had a kid who is named Ichika Abarai.

Rukia met Renji first time in Inuzuri, the 78th division of Rukongai. That is 150 years before the current timeline. They stayed good friends at the academy, growing up together. She was later adopted by the Kuchiki family. Still, Both stayed together in all the arcs and were supportive of each other.

Rukia has a graceful and modest personality while Renji tends to be dynamic. The marriage doesn’t add up to me. They could have just stayed best friends. Marrying and having a kid is just so human-like. It can be considered an effect of interaction with Ichigo and others.

Still, a lot of mysteries remain like,

Who proposed the marriage and how did this all happen?

Is it really allowed in the Soul Society?

How can Shinigami have kids?

Hopefully, there will be a new series continuing the story of bleach and we will find out.

My overall views on this are that it is a nice matchup but fairly it was not necessary.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful couple?