As a gag show, One Punch Man is known to use some elements and characters from other shows. Because of this, the manga and the anime became more appealing to more audiences. These parodies are part of OPM’s unusual charm. This show, after all, is the parody of the whole Shonen genre.

But, it’s a different story when this gag show is going to make a homage not only to other anime, but on popular games. And it seems like One Punch Man is planning to level up the gag by trolling one of the most popular games ever. What if Saitama got really bored of being the strongest and attempted to be a Pokemon Master instead?

The latest chapter of One Punch man is all about the aftermath of the attack from the elder centipede and how the Heroes Association prepares for their attack against the Monster Association. However, when all are getting serious and restless, Fubuki found Saitama together with his gang resting in Saitama’s small apartment. And while Genos and Silver Fang are trying to recover, King and Saitama are having the most intense Pokemon Battle ever.

As usual, King is the only person who can beat Saitama, well, at least in gaming. And a trainer’s match in Pokemon is no exception. Playing with the classic gameboys, the two were immersed in their own worlds. While Genos is trying to fix himself, Silver Fang and his bro trying to rest. Saitama is trying to beat King’s Pokemon, which has lower levels, but the type of advantage against Saitama’s Pokemon.

There are name puns used to reference Pokemon like “Golem” guy, which seems to reference Golem and Chat Me “meow”, which seem to reference Meowth. And these type advantages were all messed up. Ground-type Pokemon are weak to flying type attacks. This doesn’t make any sense, but, are we really gonna find some sense in OPM?

Heroes Association and Monsters Association will clash soon. The most awaited battle right now is Saitama vs Garou, which is supposed to end the arc. But if I were to ask, the manga will deviate a little from the Webcomic and will highlight Saitama vs Orochi. Even Metal Knight’s mechas were no match for Orochi’s horn. We’ll see  how Saitama will make every Rank-S heroes drop their jaws.


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