Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the One Piece manga. This post is based on my ideas for One Piece Chapter 896. These aren’t the spoilers, but may have the potential spoilers here and there. So you’ve been warned. Continue only at your own risk. One Piece chapter 895 saw the introduction of Gear 4th Snakeman to us.

Luffy’s fight against Katakuri was reaching its conclusion, and he certainly provided a great match for Katakuri with his new Gear. To sum up Snakeman, it is the faster version of Boundman, and also a better version in my opinion. The difference is that it doesn’t use up as much Haki as Boundman, and it is a lot faster, which means that even though the attacks lack the power, the momentum will still be huge. The form’s biggest advantage is its unpredictability.

It is extremely hard to predict its movements, as noted by Katakuri, and this is why I believe it is superior to Boundman. We don’t get to see this form in its full glory, because the fight is pretty much over now. Yet we don’t know who the victor is. One Piece Chapter 896 will show us who won the big clash between Luffy and Katakuri. In my opinion, Katakuri doesn’t deserve to lose.

He overpowered Luffy for the entire battle, and even countered Snakeman easily. It is either going to be a draw, or Luffy will be the loser here. Either way, I believe that the fight will wrap up in the next chapter. We’ll also likely see Sanji in the next chapter. I hope the Vinsmokes stop him in his way, and we get to see an epic clash between him and his brothers. He needs to save Luffy quickly, so things will be really interesting if he fights at all.

On the other hand, Big Mom willing likely eat the cake in the next chapter, and the Firetank Pirates will probably try to make their escape, and succeed. The Strawhat will close in on Cacao Island, but I don’t think they’ll reach it yet. There is still some time until we get to see them together once again. With thank being fed to Big Mom, the plan will now focus on their escape, but Sanji needs to save Luffy before he is killed by the Big Mom Pirates.

To do that, he will need to defeat his brothers, and so the plot will now shift focus from Luffy vs Katakuri, to Sanji vs Ichiji. I believe that this fight will probably last a couple of chapters, but the arc will likely be over by One Piece Chapter 905, in my opinion. We’re getting closer and closer to Wano with each passing chapter, and Oda is doing a terrific job. Keep in mind that One Piece is on break this week. I’ll see you guys soon!


The Result Of Luffy Vs Katakuri — Revealed

Hey everyone! One Piece manga chapter 895 is out, and I’m going to talk about the events of the manga in this post. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you haven’t read the chapter already, then I suggest you do that now. However, if you’ve read it, or if spoilers don’t bother you, let’s get started.

Oda has been surprising us with awesome One Piece content for past three weeks now. I think the last 3 chapters have been epic, and this one was just as good as any other we got this year.

One Piece chapter 895 saw Luffy go Snakeman for the first time against Charlotte Katakuri. As expected, Luffy just got a lot stronger in this form, and his speed increased tremendously. His attack pattern is also very interesting, and it is something that Luffy should be proud of.

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