Hey guys. Ever since, the revelation of the awakened forms of Haki. Each and every one of us has been taken aback by how powerful can Haki really be. Earlier we all believed that devil fruits are an absolute necessity if you want to be powerful and fight against strong enemies. However, we were proven wrong by Katakuri. Of course, he has a devil fruit which adds to his power.

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But, just think of his Haki, which allows him to see into the future. Even though it isn’t for long periods of time, Katakuri is still at an advantage as he can easily dodge and prepare his strategy to defeat his opponent. Katakuri is the first person, who revealed the awakened form of Haki. So, this means that there are plenty of characters who possess the awakened form of Haki. For starters, we know that Rayleigh possesses the advanced forms of Haki as he taught Luffy about the different levels of Haki.

However, there is one more character who also possesses the advanced level of observation Haki. So, who is this Character? Hold your horses. The Character that I am talking about is one of the well known characters. The character is Admiral Issho also known as Fujitora. How? Well, allow me to explain. I believe Fujitora has the same ability to predict the future as Katakuri. Maybe not on the same level as Katakuri but he can use it. First you need take a look at this panel.

From what we can see here Fujitora predicts the fight is going to move elsewhere which it does and he does this while staying calm eating noodles while everyone else panics. Also when he kept predicting the right score on the roulette, although that could have been his devil fruit powers there is an argument there that he was using Observation Haki. It seems to be a top tier observation Haki. He also senses that Law is about to escape before he actually does. That scene tells us his future sight isn’t katakuri level, but it’s definitely there he has advanced observation Haki. It actually makes perfect sense as Fujitora is blind and he doesn’t have vision of a normal human being.

So, in order to cope with this weakness of his, Fujitora trained his observation Haki to such an extent that he awakened advanced observation Haki. It just makes you wonder what would have happened to Luffy if Fujitora had seriously fought against him at Dressrosa.
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Luffy Just Used A Totally New Ability In The Latest Chapter

Hey guys. One Piece chapter 895 is out and I highly recommend reading it before you start to read this post. This post contains spoilers from the latest One Piece chapter. If you don’t care about the spoilers then do continue by all means. Now let’s begin. The chapter started from we had left. Katakuri and Luffy continued their gruelling duel.

Luffy used Gear Fourth Snakeman to fight against Katakuri. We finally came across the full fledged form new form. Luffy immediately began attacking Katakuri with his new form. Katakuri was caught in Luffy’s attacks. He couldn’t figure it out how Luffy was managing to land hits on him. Katakuri was assured that he was dodging all of Luffy’s attacks. Soon, Katakuri realized that it was because of Luffy’s new technique. Luffy’s new technique is called “Python”.

Unlike the normal attacks which go in just single direction, in his Snakeman form, Luffy’s attacks move in several directions. So, whenever Katakuri dodges the attacks, Luffy simply changes the direction of the attack. In this way, he is able to surprise Katakuri and land attacks on him. However, Katakuri is still standing form after all the new forms. This is annoying Luffy as he had expected that Snakeman would provide Luffy the breakthrough that he is looking for.

Despite all of Luffy’s efforts, Katakuri is standing firm and he still holds the advantage in the fight. One thing that I like about the chapter is that Oda has subtly shown that Luffy is still way behind the level of a Yonkou Commander, nevermind a Yonkou. If we take a look at Luffy’s journey throughout the Whole Cake Island arc, we can easily observe that Luffy wasn’t even able to beat Charlotte Cracker, who is supposedly the weakest Sweet Commander. Luffy required the help of Nami to defeat Cracker. We can argue that Luffy was at a disadvantage because of Cracker’s devil fruit.

But, that isn’t really an excuse. If it wasn’t for Nami, Luffy would have been killed by Cracker and the Tea Party would have went according to Mama’s plans.
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