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It’s Not Naruto Who Is Dead, It Is Sasuke

sasuke dead

Kawaki’s invasion on Konohagakure has been one of the most talked about topics in Narutoverse for the past year. The main reason behind this is because we are led to believe that Naruto Uzumaki might actually be dead.

Naruto Boruto Ninja Voltage

Boruto Jougan Powers

However, what Kawaki actually says is, “I’ll send you to the same place as the Seventh, Boruto”. He doesn’t say anything about killing Naruto. People have jumped the gun, and said Naruto is dead. But, what about Sasuke? He’s just as strong, and important as Naruto?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the strongest characters in Boruto, and he’s the only person equal to Naruto, in terms of strength. Sasuke is also known as Konoha’s other Hokage, because he protects Konohagakure from the outside, while Naruto does it from within the Village.

Being one of the legends, and the strongest to ever exist, it would make sense for Sasuke to be around when problems like the Otsutsuki, or Kawaki arrive. During Momoshiki’s Invasion, Sasuke was there to help Naruto deal with them.

But, what’s extremely confusing is the fact that Sasuke is nowhere to be seen during the time Konoha is destroyed. It could be that Sasuke is elsewhere on a mission, or maybe he’s in another dimension, but I don’t think Sasuke would be absent at such an important time. I think it is likelier that Sasuke is dead, rather than Naruto being dead.

Naruto Boruto Ninja Voltage

When you look at Boruto, he has got Sasuke’s headband, he’s got Sasuke’s cape, and moreover, he even carries Sasuke’s sword. Further, the fact that Sasuke is nowhere to be seen at a time like this suggests something has happened to him.

While I don’t see any way someone could manage to kill Sasuke, I think we’re yet to see the power level of the Kara. Sasuke himself speculated that they’re a threat on par with the Otsutsuki Clan. But, who knows, maybe their powers surpass the Otsutsuki as well.

Further, Sasuke Uchiha is always away from Konoha, and he likely ran into Kara, just like Jiraiya went to Amegakure to check on Pain. So, I think Sasuke has a higher chance of dying than Naruto. But, it is possible that both of them are alive, which I think everyone wants as well. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough!


All Remaining Uzumaki Clan Members in Boruto – ALIVE

The Uzumaki Clan overpowered all other clans in Uzushiogakure. It’s literal meaning is Village Hidden in Whirling Tides otherwise known as Land of Whirlpools, with a symbol resembling a whirlpool which is now almost exactly to what the Hidden Leaf Village wear on their back.

Uzushio’s Uzumaki clan and Konoha’s Senju Clan had strong ties together and intermarriage between was fairly common. Having blood relatives together they had a bond that remained strong throughout the years.

The Uzumaki clan is mostly known for sealing techniques known as fūinjutsu. It is used to seal objects, living beings, chakra and much more. This technique was used to seal the Nine-tail beast. The first person that was used to seal the nine tails was Mito Uzumaki followed later on by Kushina.


They are also widely known for their longevity, great reservoirs of stamina and vitality, quick recovery and slow aging. One example is Mito Uzumaki, she was born before the founding of Konoha yet she lived retaining her red hair colour whilst the Third Hokage took over leadership in Konoha. After having too much power and the other clans feared them, they teamed up to destroy the Uzumaki Clan, so far only 5 members are still alive that carry the same bloodline in their veins.

Sannin Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju’s father is from the Senju Clan hence her surname but her grandmother was Mito Uzumaki. She carries the bloodline of the Uzumaki alongside Nawaki but he is deceased after being killed in the Second Great Ninja War.

Karin Uzumaki

Karin Uzumaki having red hair and healing abilities which are 2 common traits in the Uzumaki Clan is the last known person bearing the clan. She is currently working as a researcher for Orochimaru, Karin also knows the technique Heal Bite Technique through biting someone she can heal them and even heal herself from injuries.

Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari, daughter of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga is the youngest of the Uzumaki Clan and a child prodigy. At the age of 3 she was able to awaken unconsciously the Byakugan, having a 360 degrees x-ray vision with a small blind spot and also can see clearly the pathway of chakra system.

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