Hey guys. 2018 is a good year for anime fans. A lot of great anime are going to return this year. Some of them have already begun. Like Seven Deadly Sins. The anime is in its second season and has aired 7 episodes so far. Overlord II is also out. There are several other famous anime, which will air later this year. Such as My Hero Academia Season 3 and Attack on Titan Season 3. Moving on from the anime series, we will obviously get to see more animated movies this year. Mamoru Hosoda has unveiled the trailer for his next film which is titled “Mirai of the Future”.

Mirai of the Future

The newest movie from Studio Chizu will hit Japanese theaters in 20th July. Studio Chizu’s official YouTube channel today posted a 60-second trailer. Mirai no Mirai or Mirai of The Future is the third film that the studio has produced. It was co-founded by himself and ex-Madhouse producer Yuichiro Saito,. The two other movies, which Studio Chizu has produced are Wolf Children(2012) and The Boy and The Beast(2015). Both of these movies were big hits among the anime fans. The Wolf Children in particular impressed me with the story and the animation. It is one of the best slice of life anime movies out there. Like the above mentioned two movies, Mamoru Hosoda will serves as original strory creator and screenplay writer. With the quality that the studio has produced, we can expect that the upcoming movie will be a hit as well. The film is set to be released in Japan on July 20, and it will be distributed by Toho. In the short clip, we got a bit of information about the plot. The clip introduces the story as: “Kun, a spoiled little boy. He meets Mirai, his little sister who travels back in time from the future. Thus begins the little big brother’s fantasy-filled adventure. Worlds beyond imagination. First Experience. Many Encounters. Where do they find themselves after transcending time and space? Why did Mirai-chan come from the future?”
“Here comes the trailer from the newest film of Mamoru Hosoda “MIRAI”! You’ll see new characters too. Check it out now! MIRAI Official Trailer (English subtitles) →https://t.co/PCZi40nbej pic.twitter.com/VGyzvAZYmh— スタジオ地図 (@studio_chizu)

Do you think that Studio Chizu can dazzle the fans yet again with their work? Let me know what you think.


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