So far the Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga and Boruto movie have all noticed the new technology that has been introduced into the series. We see this through the bracelet weapon Boruto wields in the Boruto film, as well as in the manga through Boruto’s light saber sword, Naruto’s prostatic arm that can absorb ninjutsu and Ao’s heavy chakra machine gun.

Many Naruto fans haven’t like the introduction of these weapons, as it allows ordinary ninjas to be incredibly dangerous and it reduces the need to train in ninjutsu.However, despite the controversy, it seems as if these weapons are going to play a major part in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations series for a while.

So that got me thinking, what other weapons might we see in the Boruto series? So let me give you a few weapons we might see in Boruto Naruto Next Generations. I know that many fans have hated the weapons but as they are likely here to stay, we may as well embrace them.

6. Tank

Imagine it being a team effort to move the Chakra Tanks, with some ninja’s powering the tank and others using the gun. It might be a little too advanced but I suppose anything is possible if the creators wanted it to be.

5. Flame Thrower*4MGapVhhcyFETsBzHb7YbQ.png

Ninja’s can just use Fire Jutsu, but for weaker ninja’s the Chakra Powered Flame Thrower would increase their range and power exceptionally. As a result, this could actually be a decent weapon for a weaker ninja or a ninja who didn’t use fire jutsu’s.

4. Shield

As there has already been a Chakra sword added to the Boruto series, there may as well be an object that can deflect it. A chakra shield would be perfect for that situation, as eventually, we will be going up against more swords.

3. Double Barrel Shot Gun

I know, this is pretty much a gun, which has already been added to the show. However, this is a lot cooler than a machine gun and so it would be pretty awesome to see a Double Barreled Chakra Shot Gun in Boruto at some point.

2. Hidden Blade

I mean there is a lightsaber now, they may as well take some other weapons from popular series’ too. The Hidden Blade it an Assassin Creed weapon, but it has been seen in a Naruto filler in the past, which means a Chakra version of the Chakra Sword is possible too.

  1. Rocket Launcher

This is pretty much a small canon, with canon already introduced in the Naruto series, which also means that this is a highly likely inclusion at some point as well.


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