With Aragaki’s defeat, Joe only has to fight one more match before he can claim the spot to enter Megalonia. There are already three contenders waiting for the last man to enter the finals: Yuri, Pepe Iglesias, and Glen Burroughs who’s annoyed that his win is overshadowed by Gearless Joe’s match with Aragaki. Who will be the fourth and last competitor? Megalo Box episode 7 will make Coach Nanbu and Sachio scout to find out Joe’s future opponent.

Megalo Box Episode 7 – Spoilers

The semi-final match is a battle between Mikio Shirato and Sugar R. Hill. Mikio is one of the aces of Team Shirato, together with the champion Yuri. There is still no information about Sugar R. Hill, however, he doesn’t seem to be an important part of the story. In case you’re wondering who Mikio is, he’s the guy that Yuri had a conversation in the rooftop.

Megalo Box episode 7

Sugar R. Hill might be one of the contenders to fight in the quarterfinals. However, he was no match for Mikio, who wears Shirato gear. This is the first time that we might see an episode that will not focus on Joe’s fight. Mikio might have a big role in the story later on. From what I see, he might be the fifth and last fight that Joe needs to win before entering Megalonia.

Megalo Box ep 7

Mikio’s fight against Sugar is looking to be one-sided and lacks any competition at all. Even Sachio and Coach Nanbu, who decided to watch the match, was shocked by the way things unfolded in front of them. We all know that Joe’s victory is close to miracle and luck than battle. The biggest question right now is, is Joe really ready to take the boss before the big boss?

If Joe will manage to defeat Mikio, he will first fight against the man closest to his bracket. That would be the Glen Burroughs, which is also known as the “Bloody Lion”. He is a heavyweight boxer which packs power behind his punches. It is said in the last episode that even though Glen is a heavyweight, he’s also agile enough to fight against Middleweight boxers. Yuri will then need to fight Pepe Iglesias.

Megalo Box is a tribute for Ashita no Joe, which is not a fan of happy endings. If you’re a fan of boxing anime and see this old gem, you probably know that the ending is not a happy one, but satisfying nonetheless. Will the same fate of Kabuki Joe happen to Megalo Box’ Joe?  Megalo Box episode 7 is too early for a conclusion, so let’s enjoy the next episodes of this series.

You cannot download Megalo Box Episode 7 anywhere online but you can watch it with English subtitles on FUNimation.


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