Megalo Box Episode 11 will feature Joe’s hardest fight yet. We are all used to the idea of boxing anime to be in the standard “I will not give up until I reach the top” format. There will be a little emphasize on romance and other side stories, but nothing will stop a fight. Megalo Box decided to leave this trope alone and create something that would be risky and might cause a tragic ending.

Megalo Box Episode 11

With Fujimaki’s schemes, Joe will need to forfeit his match against Glenn Burroughs or else the Team Nowhere will all be soup stocks in the future. With this in mind, will he just let go of the chance to fight Yuri and settle out Coach Nanbu’s debt? Truth be told, even if he wants to win his first match, he will need to fight his strongest opponent before Yuri. Glenn Burroughs might be arrogant, but his size and attack will make Joe think before attacking.

A fight will still be held, and Joe will still be on the ring. However, there’s no telling if he will be fighting to win or fighting to lose. Joe will manage to take Glenn Burroughs head on and will also manage to damage him. But with Glenn’s size, he can knock out Joe many times with just one punch.

Megalo Box Episode 11

Will Joe win this match or not? Afterall, the only innocent person in Team Nowhere is Sachio, who has been under Shirato’s custody. Sachio is now protected, so Joe can fight with his heart’s content. That’s Joe’s character, after all, he will do anything to get what he wants. Nanbu knows this, that’s why he handed Sachio to Shirato.

At the end of the last episode, Joe already decided in what he will need to do. It now boils down whether he’ll take this guy’s earpiece or not. His talk with Yuri also signifies their inevitable fight that might happen in the last two episodes. All that we can do now is to watch what will Fujimaki do.

Megalo Box is expected to end with 13 episodes. Will we get a season 2? That is for the future to decide. However, there’s no doubt that this show’s unpredictability will be hard to replicate.


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