As the latest Pokemon movie, Pokemon: Everyone’s Story coming sooner, the hype of the legendary Pokemon, Zeraora is skyrocketing, and soon he is going to make its debut in front of the audience. Pokemon series is famous for introducing legendary Pokemon over and over with every new installment, and this time, it will be focusing on this electric type badass.

Movie Tie-In Manga Color Page Featuring Zearaora:

Zeraora’s appearance in the upcoming Pokemon movie has been confirmed earlier but, his official debut will be marked on the official movie tie-in manga and thanks to YonkouProductions, the color page of the manga is revealed to fans, and we finally know what Zeraora will be like. The color page features both Ash and Pikachu and the legendary Zeraora itself right at the center of attention.

The legendary Pokemon is most likely to make its appearance on the big screen in the upcoming Pokemon movie, Pokemon: Everyone’s Story, and it is scheduled to hit the theatres on July 13 in Japan. International fans still have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the movie but, not to worry as it will have its international release in 2018 only.

Abilities Of Zeraora:

Zeraora’s abilities are still a mystery but, it was earlier revealed that this legendary Pokemon will be an electric type, and it will have its ultimate move which could be, “changing electric energy to power.”

Also, we know about Zeraora’s Plasma Fist which has the ability to transform its ordinary moves to electric charged special moves which are highly damaging. Addition to this, Zeraora also has its special ability which is called, “Volt Absorb,” which helps the Pokemon to regain its health upon impact by any electric type attacks.

Pokemon: Everyone’s Story Official Synopsis:

“In a town where people live with the wind, the legendary Pokemon Lugia appears on the final day of an event that is held once a year known as the Wind Festival, and people enjoy the wind’s grace just like a promise received long ago.

Coincidentally, Satoshi and Pikachu, who were participating in the Wind Festival, meet five people,” the synopsis carries on. “Is this the promise Lugia preserved? And what is the identity of the Phantom Pokemon Zeraora? Now, people and Pokemon, everyone’s bond can create a miracle.”

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story will be releasing on 13th July in Japan and the dubbed version for the international audience later in 2018.


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