As We enter the final stages of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. We learn more about the incredible Universe 11 fighter in Jiren. Most recently we got to see Jiren’s tragic past, and how he became the strong warrior that he is today. In addition, we also got to see the true power of Jiren for the first time ever. With the Universe 11 fighter powering up to his max for the first time in the series.

This made Jiren unstoppable, as he easily shrugged Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17 aside. However, upon further inspection. We discovered what could be the root of his power. It’s possible that Jiren’s extreme power that he showed us in episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super, is somewhat similar to a transformation that was introduced earlier in Dragon Ball Super.

Originally this was a type of Ki that was reserved for a Saiyan. However, it seems as if Jiren may have tapped into it too. What we got to see was a powerful firey red aura surrounding the Pride Trooper as he powered up. This ki surrounding Jiren looked very similar to the Super Saiyan God form. That Goku unlocked in his battle against Beerus at the start of Dragon Ball Super.

Now I’m not saying that this is the Super Saiyan God transformation, which Jiren has access to. However, the Ki surrounding him looked similar enough to suggest that he has unlocked some form of God Ki somehow. We already know that Jiren has surpassed the gods, but for him to truly do that. He probably needed to learn how to access divine Ki.

That’s probably why Jiren’s Ki looked very similar to the Super Saiyan God form. As it’s red firey glow engulfed Jiren and increased his power. Hopefully, we will see more of Jiren’s powers origins soon. With us only getting a glimpse of it so far. However, from what we have seen. We should assume that this Ki is very similar to the Ki of divinity.


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