Izuru Kira is the Lieutenant of Squad 3 of GOTEI 13. He has worked under Gin Ichimaru and Rojiro Otoribashi as his Captains. Izuru was voted the 9th most popular character in the fourth character poll.

Birthday: March 27

A warrior should never plead for his own life.

Appearance and Personality:

Izuru Kira is seen in standard shinigami uniform with his lieutenant badge on his left arm. He combs part of his blonde hair over to his left eye. Izuru has blue eyes. After Mayuri revived him, he is missing limbs and flesh from his chest and is probably filled later. It sure looks creepy though.

Izuru is a clouded and thoughtful individual and doesn’t socialize easily. He is loyal to his duties and to his former captain. Izuru is also shown to be remorseless. Izuru likes to write haiku. He has written a serial novel and is also the author of Kira Izuru’s Haiku Time.


Izuru is, of course, as strong as a standard lieutenant. He is a Kido master, expert swordsman and skilled fighter. He also acted as a healer in Squad 4.


His Zanpakto, in sealed form, is a standard katana, plain and simple.

Shikai: Wabisuke

The release command of his Zanpakto is “raise your head” The blade changes and loses its curves. It forms kind of a square hook that has a cutting edge on the inside of the blade. He keeps the ability of his Zanpakto secret. The ability is to double the weight of anything it touches when released. This can affect both living or inanimate objects.

Wabisuke was ranked fourth most popular Zanpakto in the Zanpakuto poll.


During the first Quincy invasion, he was taken by surprise and his body was ripped by Bazz B’s attack. However, he survived that somehow due to Mayuri and later confronts Lile. That means he is still alive with either a hole in his chest or something filled there.

He was not seen in the last two chapters of time skip so his current state is still unknown.

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