Isshin Kurosaki, formerly known as Isshin Shiba was the Captain of Squad 10 who lost the post due to his reckless actions. He lived as a normal human after losing his powers.

Back Story:

He is the father of the main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki. He went to the human world to investigate a soul disappearance occurrences. His huge Reiatsu attracted a rather peculiar hollow. It was totally black and he felt that he was fighting a shinigami. He took damage and was about to lose. A young Quincy, Masaki saved him

Later, Isshin found out that Masaki received the hollow effects and is in fatal danger. Urahara found out about this and saved Masaki. The price paid for saving her was that Isshin lost all his powers. The link was later severed and Isshin got his powers back.

Birthday: December 10


Isshin Kurosaki is goofy, energetic and fun with his children. He tends to attack his son out of nowhere, to make him stronger. It’s rather comic.

During his time at GOTEI 13, he was lazy and carefree making his subordinates work. He also had a perverted side teasing his daughters and flirting with Rangiku.


Isshin is tall and muscular. He has black spiky hair and brown eyes.


Like other captains, Isshin had huge spiritual pressure and was skillful swordsmen. His first appearance was when he killed grand fisher and the fight ended with a single slash.


His Zanpakto is called Engetsu. The blade attached with a red handle having hexagonal tsuba.

Shikai: Engetsu

The blade doesn’t change on release on the command “Burn”. It creates trails of spiritual energy when released. He uses Getsuga Tensho against Aizen that is similar to Ichigo’s.


Not revealed but Aizen knew about it and how it puts a strain on the user when released.

His fight with White changed everything for him. He was seen throughout the series. First, a perverted father, a strong shinigami and later his backstory with Masaki. He was also responsible for the Final Getsuga Tensho training of Ichigo.

Captain of Squad 10, before Toshiro, a force to reckon!