Ikkaku Madarame is currently the vice-captain of squad 11. He got this promotion as Yachiru supposedly disappeared. He has fought some intense battles throughout the series. In the last character poll, he ended up ranked 22nd.

Cut the flattery. You can stop your admiration. It’s only natural to show our true levels of Reiatsu. Whether it is worthy of praise is something you will learn after you die. – Ikkaku Madarame

Birthday: November 9

Personality and Appearance:

Ikkaku is a muscular man who is mostly seen in shinigami uniform. He is bald but insists that his head is shaven. He is fight-loving and extreme just like his captain. Ikkaku is loyal to his captain and didn’t apply for captain positions when Aizen defected.


He is not among the most powerful characters of bleach. He is easily overpowered by his more powerful opponents. Sometimes, his pride gets in the way too.


It is a standard blade with a hollow hilt carrying a healing ointment. He carries the sealed blade in his hand and uses the sheath to act as a secondary weapon when in a fight.

Shikai: Hozukimaru

He links the sheath with the hilt and a spear forms with red tassel and blade on the top. This spear can also extend more when he commands “Split” into independent sections increasing the range of the weapon

Bankai: Ryumon Hozukimaru

When the Bankai is released, he carries two weapons in each hand and a centerpiece behind his back connected by heavy chains. The Bankai doesn’t give him any special abilities or defense. It just increases his destructive power.

Ikkaku loves to fight but his weapons are fragile. His Shikai can be easily shattered with strong attacks and his Bankai was considerably damaged in his fight. He also can’t use any Kido. He did improve his stamina as the series proceeded but he was powerless in the Quincy war.

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